What Are The Better Forums?

In short, the Better Forums are how members of LUU create Policy - members present their ideas to a student panel to be voted on. They're split into three - Better Union, Better University and Better Leeds - so that members can seek change in all areas of student life. They take place once a term in November, March and May.

Alongside our wider Strategic Plan and the objectives of your elected Student Executive - policy is what guides us as an organisation.

The Better Forums were created in 2009 after feedback from and consultation with the whole student body - who told us that they wanted to have a say in decisions, but not all decisions, only important ones. They also told us that the language and process needed to be accessible, and open to everyone - not just political experts and keen debaters.

The Better Forums are the outcome of that wide research (and we've continued to adapt and change them since based on student feedback) - they're our way of seeing what a cross section of the student body makes of an idea, and if they can't decide we ask all of you in a campus-wide referendum.

All you need to have is an Idea.

The next Forum is in November 2024. 

Who's At The Better Forums? There are three groups of student that attend every Better Forum


Democracy at LUU 2022 FULL.pdf

A Full Guide to Democracy at LUU

Successful Policy Guide .pdf

Successful Policy Guide

Better Forums A4 Explainer.pdf

Better Forums One Page Handout

LUU Bye-Laws (revised version 2022).pdf

Bye-Laws 1-3 cover Ideas & Policy, Forums and Referenda

Democracy & Liberation Calendar 23_24 - 2023_24 Democracy Calendar (8).pdf

Democracy Calendar 2023/24