What Are The Better Forums?

In short, the Better Forums are how members of LUU create Policy - members present their ideas to a student panel to be voted on. They're split into three - Better Union, Better University and Better Leeds - so that members can seek change in all areas of student life. They take place once a term in November, March and May.

Alongside our wider Strategic Plan and the objectives of your elected Student Executive - policy is what guides us as an organisation.

The Better Forums were created in 2009 after feedback from and consultation with the whole student body - who told us that they wanted to have a say in decisions, but not all decisions, only important ones. They also told us that the language and process needed to be accessible, and open to everyone - not just political experts and keen debaters.

The Better Forums are the outcome of that wide research (and we've continued to adapt and change them since based on student feedback) - they're our way of seeing what a cross section of the student body makes of an idea, and if they can't decide we ask all of you in a campus-wide referendum.

All you need to have is an Idea.

Who's At The Better Forums? There are three groups of student that attend every Better Forum

  1. You: You’ll need be there to tell people why you submitted your idea, and why you’d like the panel to vote yes.

  2. Reps: Each Better Forum is attended by relevant reps (Activities Exec at Better Union, School Reps at Better University and Community Reps at Better Leeds - plus the Liberation Coordinators attend all three). They’ll relay other students’ views and give feedback on ideas.

  3. Student Panel: A randomly selected panel of 16 students (that mirror the demographics of the whole student body) will listen, ask questions, and decide whether to approve or reject your idea – like a jury. 75% of them need to say ‘Yes’ to turn your idea into policy. If they can’t agree then ideas can move to a campus-wide referendum to let all students decide.


Democracy at LUU 2022 FULL.pdf

A Full Guide to Democracy at LUU

Successful Policy Guide .pdf

Successful Policy Guide

Better Forums A4 Explainer.pdf

Better Forums One Page Handout

LUU Bye-Laws (revised version 2022).pdf

Bye-Laws 1-3 cover Ideas & Policy, Forums and Referenda

Democracy Calendar 2022_23 - 2022_23 Calendar.pdf

Democracy Calendar 2022/23