The University should provide more mental health and counselling services for struggling students

Passed: March 2021 (16th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

The Student Counselling & Wellbeing Service provides counselling and psychotherapy services to students who are struggling with mental health issues. This is a free service provided to struggling students with a maximum of four sessions per academic year. Psychotherapists can help address the underlying causes of students’ problems as well as providing psychological interventions to students. This is very helpful as students will have the opportunity for disclosing private matters to an individual and receiving specialists help if needed.

Since last year, many students have been facing a number of life challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. These events are likely to have continuous, detrimental effects on students’ wellbeing. This may be due to the change of students’ learning experience adding concerns about their academic developments. In addition to the impact of stress and social isolation, students are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. It means that students may require more than four sessions per academic year to cope with ongoing, stressful circumstances.

During this difficult period of time, a number of students already reported having consistent emotional distress triggered by remote learning and life events. Students are now in a very vulnerable state, and have high risks of developing mental health disorders if not receiving appropriate psychological support to adapt to this unusual students’ life. Hence, it is imperative that the university should increase funds to the mental wellbeing department and provide more therapeutic services to struggling students.

Expires: March 2024 (16th)

Submitted By: Vanessa Ngoshan Lo

Officer: Wellbeing

Area of Work: Support


May 2023: Waiting times are still down, Emily (Wellbeing Officer) hasn't had anyone come to her stating that times have increased. 

May 2022: The new counsellors are in place and the drop-in service running. Waiting times have been cut. 

January 2022:  The uni have successfully recruited new councillors, increasing the level of support in the daily drop-in as well as in the counselling and wellbeing team. The waiting list is now 2-3 weeks rather than 2-3 months.

July 2021: This has been ongoing work for the Union and University. Three key strands of work are currently going on within the University around this: 

March 2021: New Policy