The University should abolish all hidden course costs so that tuition fees cover all aspects of students' education

Passed: November 2021 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

Tuition fees are already too high, especially for international students, so why doesn't this fee cover all costs of education? Many students have to pay for additional resources, books, journals, equipment, software, etc. Without buying these things that aren't covered by tuition fees, a student may feel disadvantaged or worry that if they had more money, then they would achieve better grades. Low income should not have an impact on academic experience, so all aspects of education should be covered by tuition fees. 

Expires: November 2021 (23rd)

Submitted By: Meg Hodgkinson

Officer: Education

Area of Work: Education Service Provision 


June 2023: Survey finished, with granular detail on extra course costs. LUU staff analysing patterns within it. Bethan also working with into looking at what costs, outside of tuition fees that allow students to thrive. A key area, given the rising cost of studying for students. 

January 2022: Meg is putting out a survey in February. In broad terms her goal by the time that she ends is to have proven to the university that this is an issue (in short). The survey will hopefully give this traction.

December 2021: Meg (Education Officer) and Ayo (Student Engagement Assistant in AET) are currently researching hidden course costs in the University, looking particularly at these issues: 

 - What the costs are 

 - Impacts of the costs

 - How students in certain schools are disproportionately affected

 - What constitutes a 'neccessary' cost and an 'extra' cost

November 2021: New Policy