LUU should explore a working definition of Islamophobia, led by Muslim students at Leeds

Passed: May 2021 (11th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

A number of students have contacted LUU to ask that we scope the need for a published definition of Islamophobia in order for us to be able to better support Muslim students at Leeds. We want to make sure that any definition developed is done so in full collaboration with the students it will serve.

We propose that LUU works in partnership with Leeds’ Islamic Society (ISOC) to explore the development of a working definition of Islamophobia to be adopted into LUU’s policies and procedures.

We will consult with the broad range of Muslim students at Leeds and research work being done by our partners in other students’ unions, the National Union of Students (NUS) and the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS).

Muslim students would lead and be involved in every step of the research and development process. 

Expires: May 2024 (11th)

Submitted By: Laila Fletcher & Isobel Walter

Officer: Equality & Liberation / Union Affairs &       Communications

Area of Work: Student Safety


19/07/23: Rachel building this into next years plans to see how we can best support Muslim students at UoL. Planned is a combination of comms around Report and Support surveys, with events tailored for increasing sense of belonging within the Union. 

19/06/23: Roundtable took place, with Nikita and Haryati chairing. Good engagement from students affected, feedback from ISOC, FOSIS and MSN helped in tailoring the session. It included looking at what a definition does, its use within University's Report+Support, as well as looking at looking at the shortcomings of the APPG definition. Rachel now procuding a post-roundtable document, feedback good thus far. Students played a key role in shaping the roundtable which was great. 

12/06/23: Roundtable to take place tomorrow. Students from relevant societies, staff and Exec will be there to discuss the importance of a definition, what it may mean, and recommendations needed for project moving forward. 

04/04/23: Nikita, a Liberation Co-ordinator is preparing to chair the roundtable in June with Haryati. There'll be students from different societies and staff networks involved. 

05/12/22: Haryati has been speaking to Libcos who are keen for this to happen. Has not yet been passed to Societies with significant Muslim memberships. Will be more movement on this in New Year, 

02/09/2022: PET to contact ISoc, Ahlul Bayt and other societies with significant muslim memberships (e.g. Malaysian society?) to identify whether this remains a piece of work we should undertake or whether we should adopt an existing definition.

May 2021: New Policy