LUU should update the Student Executive roles

Passed: November 2020 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

I want the Union to update their Bye-Laws regarding the Student Executive, specifically Bye-Law 10 [See Below]. As part of existing Policy to create an International Officer, LUU was tasked to review the Student Executive roles to ensure they best represent members. This review has recently been completed, following consultation with the previous and current Student Executive teams, LUU and University staff, and by taking into account existing policy around representation.

The proposed new roles are; Activities & Opportunities Officer, Education Officer, Equality & Liberation Officer, International & Postgraduate Officer, Union Affairs & Communications Officer and Wellbeing Officer.

LUU believes that these roles capture the representation needs of the student body, and the Bye-Law has also been revised to make sure that there is clarity around each role, but enough flexibility for the post-holder to meet the needs of students while they are in office.

Expires: November 2023 (23rd)

Submitted By: Student Exec

Officer: Union Affairs & Communications

Area of Work: Democracy

Ideas which change LUU governance

Sometimes we want to make a change to LUU governance. LUU is a charity, which means as an organisation we are required to comply with specific rules, laid out in our ‘governing documents’. One of these is our ‘Bye-Laws’, the most detailed set of rules we have at LUU. The Bye-Laws cover a wide range of areas and help guide decision-making at our highest levels.

When we want to make a change to these governing documents, there are a number of steps we have to take. The change has to be approved by experts on our Board of Trustees, and it has to be checked for legal accuracy by the University Legal Advisor. The most important step is approval by our members, which we do by taking the changes as an idea to the Better Forums. We are an organisation completely led by our members and we don’t make any significant changes without running them past you. You can see the full Bye-Law changes below.

Bye-Law (10) The Student Executive


1. The Student Executive is made up of the following roles:

●  Activities & Opportunities Officer

●  Education Officer

●  Equality & Liberation Officer                    

●  International & Postgraduate Officer

●  Union Affairs & Communications Officer            

●  Wellbeing Officer

2. All members of the Student Executive are Officer Trustees as defined in the Articles of Association.

3.  The Student Executive is the name in these Bye-Laws given to the Executive Committee in the Articles of Association.

Purpose of the Executive

4. The collective duties of the Student Executive are:-

(i) To be trustees in the capacity of Officer Trustees on the Board of Trustees (subject to the terms of the Articles of Association).

(ii) To campaign and consult members on their views, and speak on their behalf.

(iii) To promote, defend and extend the rights of members.

(iv) To interpret, implement and uphold Union policy.

(v) To be responsible for, and accountable to, the Student Executive as a whole.

(vi) To ensure Union members are kept up to date on the actions of the Student Executive.

(vii) To fulfil their roles as outlined in the Student Executive portfolio descriptions and to support, where appropriate, other student representatives in the fulfilment of their roles.

(viii) To liaise with external organisations appropriate to individual roles.

(ix) To steer the strategies and policies of LUU ensuring the Union works for students.

(x) To act as the spokespersons for the Union.

5. Each Student Executive Officer has their own portfolio, with individual responsibilities and accountability for delivering their objectives.

Responsibilities of the Executive

6. The full responsibilities of individual Executive Officers are detailed in the formal Portfolio Description for that Officer, which are publicly available on the LUU website, and reviewed on an annual basis, prior to election, by the Appointments & Governance committee.

7. Student Executive Officers will attend all committees and formal meetings which they are nominated to in a representative capacity. For avoidance of doubt all Exec Officers shall be expected to attend all Forums organised as a function of democratic policy decision-making.

8. Student Executive Officers will lead any groups of Student Leaders which they have nominated leadership for, and accountability to, as set out in the formal job description.

9. Student Executive Officers will appropriately engage with key named stakeholders relevant to their role.

10. The formal Officer Portfolio Description will detail all key areas of work for a given Student Executive Officer.

11. All Student Executive Officers are expected to meet an acceptable standard of performance and to adhere to any terms and conditions of their employment by LUU including (but not limited to) the conditions detailed in this Bye-Law.


12.  Student Executive Officers shall take office for 1 year from July 1st and remain in office for a term of twelve months. The term of office may be shorter or longer on a transitional basis to coincide with an alteration of the year start or end. A Student Executive Officer may be re-elected for a maximum further term of twelve months. For the avoidance of doubt, a Student Executive Officer’s terms of office may be either consecutive or non-consecutive.

13. Once elected, Student Executive Officers shall be granted all the privileges of Union membership, except that they may only stand for positions as outlined in Bye-Law 12.

14. Student Executive Officers must be a Member at the time of their election.

15. If Student Executive Officers wish to campaign for other students during an election they must do so in their own time using only their personal resources.

16. Unless stated otherwise, the Student Executive will make decisions using a simple majority of the six members.

Removal of Student Executive Officers

17. Student Executive Officers can be removed in the following manners:

(i) by a vote of no confidence by the members

(ii) through disciplinary action arising from their employment by LUU

(iii) through a majority resolution of no confidence by the Board of Trustees, in accordance with Article 37.1 of the Articles of Association.

18. A member of the Student Executive can be removed by a member vote of no confidence through referendum. The decision will be made by simple majority and a quorum of 2,500 members. A no confidence referendum can only be triggered by a petition signed by at least 600 members, in line with the process detailed in Bye-law (4): Petitions.


"08/12/2022:Bye-laws agreed and updated in the summer. 

05/08/21: Bye-Laws fully updated and added to site.

23/11/20: New Policy. Everything though is set for these new positions in terms of paperwork, and they're ready to be elected. Wider piece of work on how they are all supported and their relevant staff etc."