LUU and the University should commit to providing more sustainable products to people who menstruate

Passed: May 2021 (11th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

Some universities, such as Aberdeen have committed to providing not only free period products to those who need them, but sustainable products where possible. I believe that this would help to link the period poverty initiatives we are seeing within the Union and the wider environmental and plastic reduction policies across the university and wider union environment. These products should be provided in ALL toilets, or in additional areas as well as female toilets, as not everyone who menstruates identifies as female.

This policy would not only benefit our environmental impact reduction goals, but also support sustainable product producing companies, but provide students who may not be able to afford sustainable products with the opportunity to try them, and potentially make the switch towards more sustainable period product options in the future.

By partnering organisations such as Hey Girls, used in Aberdeen, the university and union would also be supporting the wider campaign against Period Poverty.

Expires: May 2024 (11th)

Submitted By: Amy Randles

Officer: Wellbeing / Union Affairs &       Communications

Area of Work: Sustainability / Support


June 2023: Discussion are ongoing about asking the University to stock them. 

January 2022: This is now done, we've launched new free and sustainable menstrual products for students to collect in LUU. Dental dams, STI kits and pregnancy tests are also available and Menstrual cups are now available upon request. They're currently available from outside the Student Exec Office on Level 1 and from the Advice Office in the Foyer. Read more here. 

May 2021: New Policy