LUU should implement a Sustainability Strategy, developed and endorsed by the Student Sustainability Advisory Board

Passed: November 2020 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

The next ten years are crucial in curbing the alarming rate of global warming - Leeds City Council has declared a Climate Emergency and the student population can play a significant role in responding to this crisis. As such a large student union, we have the power to drive this necessary change. LUU should become a primary example of a sustainable organisation in all areas, and a clear strategy will help shape the journey to achieving this.

There is existing policy from all three Better Forums which demonstrates students’ demand for the Union, University and City to do more for the climate crisis. A strong sustainability strategy will challenge LUU to go further in reducing our own environmental impact and driving positive change.

This year at LUU, we have introduced a brand new Student Sustainability Advisory Board, because we believe that LUU’s action in this area should be driven by our members’ interests. We want their vision to have a lasting impact beyond the academic year. By working together with LUU staff, the Student Executive, and the Student Advisory Board, we can develop a robust strategy which is rooted in our members’ interests and priorities in this area, to give LUU a clear set of targets and actions and truly embed sustainability at all levels.

Expires: November 2023 (23rd)

Submitted By: Isobel Walter

Officer: Union Affairs / Community

Area of Work: Sustainability


January 2021: Izzy (Union Affairs Officer) and Lotti (Community Officer) have taken suggestions and feedback from the Student Sustainability Advisory Board about the priority areas for the new strategy, and concluded that the work needs to be categorised into three main areas: LUU operations, student engagement and communication, and student campaigning. The next stage is a process of consultation with the relevant teams in LUU, with the aim of presenting the first draft of the strategy to the Board of Trustees in March. The Officers and Sustainability Student Advisory Board will continue to consult with the University Sustainability Team and SOS-UK to ensure they are focusing on the right priorities and aligning with their values.

November 2020: New Policy