LUU should support the Students United Against Fees Campaign 

Passed: March 2021 (18th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

I want the Student Exec to promote the campaign and encourage students to show their support. This is a national campaign, calling on the Government to offer financial compensation for tuition fees to all students in the UK, and ultimately a move towards free education. This year, Universities have been unable to offer students the value that they are paying for. Students across the country are paying for an educational experience that they are not receiving and must be compensated for this. By coming together at Leeds, we can amplify this campaign and contribute to a national movement to challenge the government's treatment of students. 

Expires: March 2024 (18th)

Submitted By: Isobel Walter

Officer: Union Affairs & Communications /         Education

Area of Work: Campaigns


Oct 2022: Agreed by Exec that Cost of Living is the most pressing issue at the moment and the most immediate threat to members at the moment. Lots of work focused on this; free exam breakfasts, LUU's meal deal, and free sanitary supplies. There has also been a second student kitchen put in behind the Co-Op. Exec have released video on Instagram to advertise this. 

February 2022: Aysha (Union Affairs & Comms Officer) spoke to the president of Sheffield (who started the campaign). The campaign has lost a lot of momentum as it's not active. The Russell Group SUs have a meeting with the Office for Students about changing fees. Aysha is planning to have conversations about starting this area of work back up.

October 2021: Aysha (Union Affairs & Comms Officer) is already working with other Russell Group SUs on tuition fees, but has signed up to receive updates from the National Campaign and will contact LSE SU about this. 

May 2021: Izzy (Union Affairs Officer) receiving updates from the National Campaign and the Exec were part of a National Day of action but the issue is the lack of government response. Aidan (Chief Exec) has met with the CEO's of the corresponding SU's in this campaign and Izzy will be meeting with the Officers of the Russell Group SU's involved - in short, the work is being done to build the networks with other SUs. This work will be handed over to the next Exec. 

March 2021: New Policy