LUU should work with the University in order to enable Performing Arts societies to rehearse on campus

Passed: November 2020 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

The current government and union guidance on performing arts groups and societies which leads to online or no rehearsals is potentially damaging not only to student’s mental health but also their careers. Across the country there are numerous examples of rehearsals and concerts occurring despite the current restrictions. Therefore, it is proven that it is possible. If sports teams can train, then the same should be for the music and drama societies, as with the sport societies, they provide fundamental training for future jobs. The university has many large spaces that have the appropriate measures in place. As rehearsals are continuing at the minute in an educational setting, I would like that to apply also to the performing arts societies within the union.

Expires: November 2023 (23rd)

Submitted By: Lotte Davis

Officer: Activities & Opportunities

Area of Work: Societies


January 2022: Performance Arts Societies can now book all the spaces they need in University and LUU rooms/studios.

March 2021: Preparation work had started on this in December but this has been put on pause due to lockdown.

November 2020: New Policy