LUU should hold a campus-wide referendum on its affiliation with NUS UK

Passed: May 2023 (17th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

LUU should look to hold a campus-wide referendum on its affiliation with NUS UK, the organisation’s campaigning arm. LUU pays in the region of £30,000 annually for its membership. It should be up for students to decide whether that would be best placed going to the NUS, on its campaigns, or whether it would be best spent locally in further resourcing the student union. Recently, the NUS has been involved in many controversies, including the Independent Investigation into antisemitism and has faced allegations of islamophobia within the organisation. In light of these controversies, many student unions across the country, like Warwick, Oxford and Manchester have held referendums on their affiliation. Some have decided to remain, and some have decided to leave.

When the Referendum takes place, LUU’s priority should be to ensure a fair and robust debate, rooted in factual information, in which every member has the chance to participate. As an organisation, it should take a neutral stance during the campaign, directing students to information from both sides of the debate, and encouraging Leeds University students to have their say on the matter. 

It’s been a while since members of LUU have held a referendum on the issue, and it should look to go back to the student body to decide whether this is an effective use of resources. 

Expires: March 2026 (18th)

Submitted By: Ryan Marsden and Shehab Ismail

Officer: Union Affairs

Area of Work: Referenda


12/06/23: Discussions took place as to when to hold the referendum. Fed back to Exec and Idea Holders who'd prefer it not to happen at the end of this academic year. LUU discussing with all parties the most appropriate time to hold the Referendum.