LUU should provide Carbon Literacy Training for staff and student leaders

Passed: May 2021 (11th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

Carbon Literacy aims to create an awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis. Through Carbon Literacy Training, learners gain understanding of the science behind climate change and how their actions can make a real difference. This idea promotes the active encouragement and championing of Carbon Literacy training to both staff and student leaders from across the Union. In line with our new LUU Sustainability Strategy, we believe that sustainability should be embedded throughout all teams and departments at LUU and this training is a great opportunity to kickstart this. A study in 2019 showed that 91% of students surveyed agreed that their place of learning should actively incorporate and promote sustainable development (SOS, 2019).

The Student Sustainability Advisory Board has recently approved grant funding for 86 Carbon, founded by two students, to create a bespoke Carbon Literacy course, accredited by The Carbon Literacy Project and incorporating training on all LUU’s existing sustainability initiatives. The aim is to create a package of E-Learning, with a longer course for Carbon Literacy accreditation and a shorter session to provide a baseline understanding of Carbon and our personal responsibilities. By completing a certain amount of Carbon Literacy training, learners can become certified as Carbon Literate; LUU could fund accreditation for members of staff where carbon is most relevant to their roles and responsibilities. This training is not only a positive step for the organisation embedding sustainability, it gives individuals access to a brilliant learning and development opportunity.

Expires: May 2024 (11th)

Submitted By: Isobel Walter & Chris Terry

Officer: Union Affairs & Communications

Area of Work: Sustainability 


23/03/23: Love to Learn module rolled out, its uptake with student leaders will be monitored over the next year. 

12/12/2022: LUU have worked with students to create a Carbon Literacy e-learning course on Love to Learn for both staff and student leaders. Rachel hopes to have it out in the next quarter.

February 2022:  This is all finalised- training packages have been accredited by the Carbon Literacy Training Project- we are creating an online module that will be delivered to 10 learners once it's ready. The Sustainability Advisory Board will be offered the training as part of this.

October 2021: The sustainability fund is being used to train 10 members of staff to then train other students and committee members on Carbon Literacy. 

May 2021: Izzy (Union Affairs Officer) and Lotti (Community Officer) are currently working with members of staff in LUU on the consultation process of this policy (starting with consulting the Sustainability Student Advisory Board). They're working on creating something which is suited to the Love to Learn platform and LUU's training processes for staff and volunteers.  

May 2021: New Policy