LUU and the University should work together to create a consistent booking system for bookable society spaces

Passed: March 2021 (18th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

Currently room booking is split by organisation, with LUU having a small amount of space and a good online booking system and the University having a large amount of space but a convoluted and inefficient booking system. This is an inefficient use of space as often whatever is available is booked rather than what would be most appropriate. For example holding an AGM could be done in a seminar or lecture room but will instead by done in a hall in LUU as it's the only space they can book easily, this then deprives others of access to a type of space they may need. A unified booking system would be easier for stakeholders to use and would maximise the efficient use of all campus space. Once cooperation is agreed between LUU and the University the LUU booking system could be expanded as this is already user friendly. Naturally timetabling priority should be given to key stakeholders such as schools being given first access to book teaching spaces and elite sports teams priority to book SPA spaces. Once this has been done all remaining available space could then be made available to be booked by others. Key decision makers and their contact details should also be prominently available so that any issues and queries can be quickly resolved. It would also be advisable to implement some controls and checks to prevent intentional overbooking. 

Expires: March 2024 (18th)

Submitted By: John Doak 

Officer: Activities & Opportunities

Area of Work: Societies / University Services 


09/03/23: Currently deprioritised as the system of going through Activities is effective and a space with which to ask qustions and get to know Development Coordinators. No societies have come forward to either Activities or Ella (Activities and Opportunities Officer) to say that it is. 

January 2022: This remains ongoing work. We are currently assessing the spaces within LUU as more staff and students are returning to campus and building.

May 2021: LUU is continuing existing work on updating its booking system and part of this will be to explore the interaction with University space. 

March 2021: New Policy