LUU should lobby FirstBus to increase the range and availability of its student tickets

Passed: May 2023 (18th)

What's It About? 

Having used Leeds bus service over the past 4 years as a student. I have noticed that the offer is generally limited to a few routes on the Otley Road. While I am happy this has been extended to the 19 which is a heavily utilised student route, I believe that currently its range fails to adequately serve the entire student population. For example its limits at the Headrow and train station do not account for students who study/live in accommodation such as One Mill Street or at the Music Conservatoire on the other side of the city. 

Additionally, the current range does not cover the coach station which is equally as important as the train station for students in accessing the city. The N1 bus has been a brilliant service for getting home from late night events highlighting that tailored solutions for such a big demographic in the city would be both effective and hopefully financially sustainable for FirstBus.

My solution would be to lobby first bus to increase the range of their student tickets to cover the whole centre of the city including and up to bus routes that go past the Music Conservatoire, potentially extending this to other educational spaces such as the Northern Dance Company. 

Expires: May 2026 (19th)

Submitted By: VK Sepe

Officer: Wellbeing

Area of Work: Student transport


June 2023: New policy. Trying to create as much buy in as possible from the University and local representatives.