LUU and the University should commit to regularly litter-picking densely populated student areas

Passed: November 2021 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it? 

The litter issue in Hyde Park and Headingley is well known. The condition of Woodhouse Moor has even been featured in BBC News being referred to as ‘mounds of rubbish’. Litter creates an eyesore, environmental issues such as trapping animals and creates tension with local residents. Over the past 18 months tensions with local residents have been particularly high and have led to residents raising the concerns with the University. Moreover, after discussion with the residences team we will involve students in residences in the project. Engaging students in their first year may lead to them continuing the work when they move to off-street properties. Furthermore, regular litter-picking will be a visual demonstration to local residents that students are aiding the community. LUU should commit to maintaining the current litter picking working group. Actively engaging students both in and out of societies to litter pick at least once a fortnight.

Expires: November 2024 (23rd)

Submitted By: Beth Eaton 

Officer: Union Affairs & Communications / Wellbeing

Area of Work: Sustainability 


Jan 2023: University have restarted a community litter litter pick, around once per month. 

February 2022: Two litter pickings have been done so far- you can find out about litter-picking events and get involved here: LS6 Litter Pickers Facebook Group. We are also hoping to organise so that litter pickers may be able to be borrowed in the future.

January 2022: Union Affairs & Communications Officer and Wellbeing Officer met with LUU staff to discuss next steps - primary focus is on obtaining purple bag status for LUU and assigning a staff lead to ensure the project is sustainable over the long term. Student Volunteering Week in February and Climate Week in March identified as to key dates for initial litter picking activity.

December 2021: Student Executive members and staff in LUU are due to begin discussion about implementing this policy before Christmas. 

November 2021: New Policy