Leeds City Council should introduce food waste bins in Hyde Park

Passed: November 2020 (23rd)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

I believe that by introducing a separate bin which is specifically for food waste in Hyde Park, the amount of litter and vermin will be significantly reduced whilst simultaneously reducing the carbon footprint of the area and making it more sustainable. There has been a separate bin for food waste introduced in other areas of Leeds such as in the Rothwell and the south-east Leeds area so surely this can also be done in Hyde Park. I suggest Hyde Park as an area to trial the introduction of food waste bins and, if successful, they should be rolled out to the rest of Leeds. Many other cities such as Manchester already have food waste bins as standard, so it is time that Leeds did the same and did its part to tackle food waste and the climate crisis.

Expires: November 2023 (23rd)

Submitted By: Ruby Fatimilehin

Officer: Community

Area of Work: Sustainability


December 2020: Lotti (Community Officer) raised this with Alex Sobel MP. The council would be ready to implement this if the infrastructure required to collect food waste was put in place and some revenue could be found to finance it - both of which he is happy to support lobbying the Government on.

November 2020: New Policy