At LUU we're led by our members – that means every single one of you can make a change to what we do, how we do it & who represents you.

Policy guides the work of the Student Executive and staff at LUU, and gives us something to aim for in our quest to change and improve things for students. All policy lasts for three years; some can happen straight away, others might take months or years of lobbying. You can use this site to learn more about the Better Forums, explore Current Policy and Submit An Idea of your own.

If you've got any questions about policy or how to make change of your own then please get in touch with the Political Engagement Team on

Who's At The Better Forums? There are three groups of student that attend every Better Forum

  1. You: You’ll need be there to tell people why you submitted your idea, and why you’d like the panel to vote yes.

  2. Reps: Each Better Forum is attended by relevant reps (Activities Exec at Better Union, School Reps at Better University and Community Reps at Better Leeds - plus the Liberation Coordinators attend all three). They’ll relay other students’ views and give feedback on ideas.

  3. Student Panel: A randomly selected panel of 16 students (that mirror the demographics of the whole student body) will listen, ask questions, and decide whether to approve or reject your idea – like a jury. 75% of them need to say ‘Yes’ to turn your idea into policy. If they can’t agree then ideas can move to a campus-wide referendum to let all students decide.

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