LUU should lobby the University to have installed hand sanitizer and additional hygiene products in key locations to improve the general student hygiene in University

Passed: May 2020 (12th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

Following the increasing concerns on the Coronavirus spread, I thought it would be a good idea to make hygiene facilities more accessible in University. Encouraging a good hand hygiene can be done by having hand sanitizer always within sight.

Why in University? Students and staff spend a large percentage of their day in University, whether it is in class, the library, IT clusters, study spaces, the foyer, the cafeteria. They are exposed in daily activities to germs and bacteria and in many cases, they attend class/work even when they’re sick.

What do I want to do? Even though washing their hands with soap and water is the best way to ensure getting rid of germs, it is not a likely option students take, which is why having hand sanitizer in strategic key areas will increase accessibility and therefore the probability of preventing germ and bacteria spread.

Key locations:

  1. Bathrooms

  2. Foyers or common break areas

  3. Cafeterias and food courts

  4. Laboratories, including anti-bacterial wipes to clean keyboards and workspace

  5. Meeting rooms

Choosing the hand sanitizer:

  • Alcohol-based (at least 70%)

  • 99.999% minimum kill over 99.9%

  • Foam sanitizer as it is usually preferred over sticky gel

It would be good to include hand hygiene reminder posters next to the installed hand sanitizers, as it encourages the use of them further.

Expires: May 2020 (12th)

Submitted By: Melissa Hartmann Ugaz

Officer: Education

Area of Work: Student Safety


August 2020: The reopening of campus post-Covid will see hand-sanitiser (alongside lots of other new health and safety measures like masks, one way systems etc) in place across campus.

May 2020: New Policy