The University should feed the accessible toilets’ emergency cords around the bottom of the room to increase safety and accessibility

Passed: May 2019 (14th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

A lot of accessible toilets across campus have tied up the emergency cord to prevent students from pulling it by accident. This means if a student needed to pull the cord if they fell on the floor, they would be unable to do so. I propose the University introduces a set-up utilised in Europe, where the cord is fed around the bottom of the room to increase safety and accessibility.

Expires: May 2022 (14th)

Submitted By: Rochyne Delaney McNulty

Officer: Equality & Diversity / Welfare

Area of Work: Accessibility


February 2020: Confirmed with LUU Facilities that this should be the case internally (within the LUU building), and across campus as well. If you notice an emergency cord has been tied up please take a picture and email it to along with the location.

December 2019: Idea holder linked up with Facilities to provide some steer.

September 2019: No updates as yet, PET to follow up with Facilities Team.

May 2019: New Policy