UoL should be more transparent and be scrutinised on the awards they give to students at graduation and how they come to these decisions

Passed: November 2019 (19th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

A number of students are given awards at graduation (including those who are not graduating). UoL departments should set out the awards that are given out, what they are given for and the criteria used to decide the winners. An important part of the way the world works is a business's openness and transparency in what they do. There has been confusion in the past on what a 'Dean's Award' and a number of other awards (some of which are sponsored by outside companies) are and who is eligible for it. It would be helpful for departments to have a list clearly stating the awards they give out at graduation. If more than anything, it sets out something for students to work towards, let alone the basic requirement for openness.

Expires: November 2022 (19th)

Submitted By: Roshana Shahid

Officer: Education

Area of Work: University Services


December 2019: LUBS have communicated that they will conduct a review of prizes, with a view to increasing transparency. This should be in place in time for the next awarding period.

December 2019: Proposer met with ART to clarify what they want from the policy. What we are looking for:

  • Details on how LUBS and other Faculties decide who is awarded what, including clear criteria on how the awardees are eligible.

  • Clear indication of when awards for certain modules are sponsored by companies - outline how they decide to give out those awards and the nature of them.

  • Students should know whether there is an award for their module from the time they can register for it.

  • In summary: We want it to be clear and transparent to students what awards exit and what the criteria are, and for module-specific awards this should be from the point of registration.

November 2019: New Policy