LUU should amend the Bye-Laws to update the Board of Trustees’ Subcommittee Terms of Reference

Passed: May 2019 (13th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

LUU launched a new Strategic Plan in 2018. Through a process of consultation with members of LUU subcommittees, the Board of Trustees, and external experts including the University, the Bye-Law which details the Terms of Reference for each subcommittee of the Board has been reviewed to ensure that it is reflective of the needs of LUU governance within the new Strategic Plan.

Adopting this changed Bye-Law will ensure that LUU governance is effective to deliver the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan for LUU. The review also included steps to make the Bye-Law more practical and comprehensible, using clearer language and ensuring consistency across the remit of each subcommittee.

Expires: May 2022 (13th)

Submitted By: Chris Morris

Officer: Union Affairs

Area of Work: Democracy

This idea comes with Bye Law Changes

Bye-Law 14 (Sub-committees of the Board)

  1. The Board of Trustees shall be supported by the subcommittees defined within this Bye-Law in line with the LUU Delegation of Authority.

  2. The purpose of the subcommittees is :-

    1. To provide challenge to the LUU Senior Leadership Team around strategic and operational delivery

    2. To make decisions and create direction for the areas within the remit of the subcommittee

    3. To scrutinise strategic and operational project plans

    4. To offer expert advice in line with the remit of the subcommittee

    5. To represent LUU culture and best practice

    6. To make recommendations to the Board, and be delegated business by the Board

    7. To oversee LUU business within the remit of the subcommittee

  3. The membership of each subcommittee will be :-

Full Members

    1. At least 3 Trustees who are nominated by the Board

    2. A minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 external members of appropriate skill and expertise

    3. External members will have a standard term of two years

    4. External members may serve a maximum of three terms

    5. The Chair of each subcommittee shall have the power to appoint and remove members, in line with the guidance of the Appointments & Governance subcommittee

Additional Attendees

    1. In addition to the full membership, the University may appoint experts in line with the requirements of the Code of Practice. These experts have no limit to their appointment while they are employed by the University, and are not counted for quorum

    2. Any Trustee may attend a subcommittee for as long as they remain a Trustee

    3. Subcommittees may invite additional attendees where specific expertise is required on a certain subject

    4. At least one member of staff from the Senior Leadership Team will attend each subcommittee meeting, but are not entitled to vote

  1. The proceedings of each subcommittee will be :-

    1. The Board will appoint the chair of each subcommittee from amongst its members

      1. Where the chair is unavailable for any reason, another trustee may step into the chair with agreement from the chair of the Board

    2. The quorum of the subcommittee will be 3 full members, at least one of whom shall be a Trustee

    3. The subcommittee will meet a minimum of 3 times per year, in line with the LUU governance cycle

    4. Where a non-member Trustee attends a meeting, they are not entitled to a vote

    5. University appointed attendees are not entitled to a vote

  2. Each subcommittee has their own remit as detailed below

Appointments & Governance

  1. To oversee the appointment, induction and development of trustees and subcommittee members

  2. To maintain oversight of skills and diversity within LUU governance, ensuring that the composition of LUU governance effectively represents the membership and their needs

  3. To review LUU compliance with all relevant charity legislation, legal duties, and codes of practice, and to assure the Board of this compliance

  4. To oversee and scrutinize the Officer Trustee election process, including setting engagement targets

  5. To maintain a watching brief on all governance activity within LUU

Audit & Risk

  1. To oversee and scrutinize the internal and external audit processes of LUU, including appointment of auditors, receiving proposals, approving process, and reviewing reports for Board recommendation

  2. To keep under review the financial control environment of LUU

  3. To analyse and review the LUU risk profile and appetite

  4. To offer an ultimate port of call for the more urgent or sensitive concerns raised in respect of the integrity of LUU, financial and otherwise, and to instigate investigative activity around these concerns as appropriate

  5. To maintain a watching brief over auditable activity, in particular legal, financial and tax management, investment policies and performance, health and safety, insurance, information systems and data security

Engagement & Development

  1. To direct marketing and communication strategies to LUU members and external stakeholders, ensuring these strategies reflect LUU values and strategic goals

  2. To scrutinise the efficacy of marketing and communication strategies in engagement of members

  3. To define the cycle of strategic review processes, and receive reports concerning the changing operating environment which may impact LUU strategic goals

  4. To develop, monitor and advise upon engagement interventions across all segments of LUU membership

  5. To provide oversight and scrutiny of all partnership initiatives developed by LUU working with external organisations


  1. To review, advise and approve the approach to financial affairs and oversight in conjunction with the delegated authority of the LUU Board and in line with the agreed Financial Strategy

  2. To review and consider appropriate methods of controlling the Union’s financial activities, considering return on investment and management of commercial and fundraising activity

  3. To approve the scope and profile of capital investment in line with the LUU Delegation of Authority, and to monitor the return on investment

  4. To monitor performance of income generating services and activities, and to advise the Board in respect of any opportunities which may carry financial or commercial benefit for LUU

  5. To oversee and scrutinize all contractual relationships with external organisations carrying financial impact for LUU

People & Values

  1. To recommend and oversee the implementation of the HR strategy, including amendments to and implementation of employee policies

  2. To define and scrutinise delivery of activity around embedding LUU culture and values

  3. To oversee the Union-wide Pay Award, and all pay and reward structures including remuneration of the Chief Executive

  4. To review, advise and approve the approach to skills development at LUU, considering both paid and voluntary roles

  5. To receive regular updates and provide guidance on delivery of work to support the equality, diversity and inclusion policy of LUU.

  6. To maintain a watching brief over People activity, including recruitment and retention, grievances and cases and pay bill management