LUU should campaign and lobby the Government to reintroduce two-year post study work visas

Passed: May 2019 (13th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

According to the UK Council for International Student Affairs there are 442,375 international students in the UK and this year over 9,000 non-EU students at Leeds. As it stands international students pay staggering amounts of money in tuition fees, visa costs, and NHS bills, while their contribution to the UK economy strongly outweighs their costs, as well as the cultural diversity, global outlook, and internationally relevant skills they bring to the UK.

Yet, most of these students are being forced to go home, unable to find a job, despite having built their lives in their cities of study, and despite making the UK richer culturally, socially, intellectually and financially stronger. This lack of opportunity makes International students feel unwelcome, making the UK a less attractive study destination and we are just left with hostile environment policies and net-migration targets from the immigration office and ministers in Westminster! The number of non-EU international students finding employment after graduation has fallen by 7.5 times after the UK scrapped two- year post study work Visas in 2012.

LUU should campaign and collaborate with other SUs, NUS and trade unions to lobby the Government to reintroduce two-year post study work visas, respecting the contribution international students make to our society, to stop treating international students as “cash-cows” and numbers on a spreadsheet, and to bring back the opportunities which should be available.

Expires: May 2022 (13th)

Submitted By: Chris Morris

Officer: International

Area of Work: Campaigns


August 2020: No updates to below as we head into the 2020/21 academic year - two-year post study work visas are still in place.

December 2019: Upcoming General Election (and Brexit situation) may affect this policy, but no party is suggesting overturning this.

September 2019: The Government has reintroduced two-year post study work visas. But this is something we need to keep abreast of given the current political climate.

May 2019: New Policy