LUU should seek to automatically support students who face financial barriers to participation in Clubs and Societies

Passed: May 2020 (12th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

Being a member of a Club or Society can be one of the best parts of University. It can be where you make friends, learn something new, relax and build a support network. It should be an opportunity everyone is able to take. However, being an active member can be expensive; it’s so much more than just the cost of a membership. It’s about feeling able to go on the trips, attend all of the events, buy the t-shirt or the equipment and go to the socials. Money should not be a barrier to any student being able to experience everything Clubs have to offer.

LUU should therefore seek to automatically offer financial support to individuals who face financial barriers to participation. This policy asks LUU to find the best way to deliver and implement this.

Expires: May 2023 (12th)

Submitted By: Lydia Evans

Officer: Activities

Area of Work: Societies


January 2021: Plus Programme underway - students on it are entitled to a refund on any club or society membership over £20 (for example, a society membership that costs £100 will only cost Plus Programme students £20).

October 2020: LUU will be funding a Plus Programme student pilot scheme. This will aim to provide financial support to students who cannot access certain clubs and societies.

August 2020: Discussions ongoing with Activities Officer Lucy, Activities Team and University partners about accessing some additional funding over the course of this year (and hopefully beyond) to help make societies more financially accessible. Positive discussions have taken place with the University already and we're hopeful of an announcement in the coming months.

June 2020: Unfortunately there are no major updates to this work over the summer as a result of lots of LUU staff being furloughed (ongoing), as well as the LUU building and campus being closed. As staff return to work and the new Officer team settle into their roles this will be picked up again.

May 2020: New Policy