LUU should protect candidates in elections from smear campaigns and work on making the elections more transparent

Passed: May 2020 (12th)

What do you want? / Why do you want it?

In the last LeadLUU election a smear campaign was directed against a minority candidate by a society in the Union. This has had a serious effect on the entire election and put to question its legitimacy and validity. Such an incident must not be repeated and the Union must be more transparent with how it handles election complaints. The Union must take more serious steps to protect all candidates and especially those with protected characteristics during the election weeks. Hence, the LUU should prevent societies from releasing or making any statements (whether by social media or email) about LeadLUU candidates apart from those who they are officially endorsing. Endorsements must be disclosed publicly and officially both by the endorsed candidate and the endorsing society in order to ensure transparency and fairness. The Union should collaborate with student representatives (such as Liberation Coordinators) to achieve more democratic election results. This will benefit all LUU members and students, what is more it is the legal obligation for trustees to be democratically elected in due process, otherwise their trusteeship might be invalid.

Expires: May 2023 (12th)

Submitted By: Adam Abdalla

Officer: Union Affairs

Area of Work: Democracy


January 2021: We have made a few changes in this area for LeadLUU 2021;

August 2020: As below, report was approved so the above policy will form part of the planning work and delivery for LeadLUU 2021.

June 2020: Recommendations included as part of LeadLUU report delivered to LUU's Appointments & Governance Sub-Committee for approval. If approved will form part of the Political Engagement Team's work over the next year.

May 2020: For clarity, the LeadLUU 2020 election was approved as free, fair and valid by the External Returning Officer and the University of Leeds Secretariat - meaning that all officers were deemed to have been democratically elected and approved as trustees. You can see the Returning Officer's declaration here.

May 2020: New Policy