Specific staff across the University should be trained in mental health first aid

Passed: March 2018 (13th)

What's It About?

For staff across the University to be trained in mental health first aid. Students should be aware of who in their School is trained in mental health first aid.

Why Have You Proposed It?

Just as first aid training is important, so is mental health first aid training, which staff should also be trained in.

Expires: March 2021 (13th)

Submitted By: Sana Hussein

Officer: Welfare / Education

Area of Work: Mental Health


August 2020: Key staff are trained, and we are reviewing training for broader range of staff. Focus is on equipping all staff to signpost effectively rather than all staff feeling that they need to deal with issues directly. Mental Health training has been offered in the past though. Budget issues are a limitation here. We don't offer Global English and MHFA to all student facing staff. Help & Support, Facilities, Duty Managers and some bar staff have had this. Review needed when building is back up to speed.

February 2020: LUU's Advice Team have reconfirmed that key support services and staff at the University do receive Mental Health First Aid training - pastoral/personal tutoring training is still being reviewed with an update expected by the end of the year.

September 2019: Amy, Welfare Officer, following up on the success or otherwise of this trial.

April 2019: Key support staff, including; Hall Wardens, Security and front-line staff do receive tailored training from the University Mental Health Advisor. This is under review with the Head of Student Support at the University who is looking at staff training as a whole. LUU is involved in these discussions.

April 2018: Looking at case studies from other organisations as a starting point for our own campaign training.