LUU should lobby the University to install Ecosia as the default search engine on University computers

Passed: November 2018 (20th)

What do you want/Why do you want it?

Ecosia is a search engine that uses it advert revenue to fund afforestation projects in areas impacted by deforestation and desertification. Ecosia has already planted 40 million trees; planting 1 tree every 1.1 seconds, it has already invested 6.6 million Euros into afforestation. It also does not sell data to third party trackers or advertisers so that privacy is protected. It takes approximately 45 searches to generate enough revenue to fund the planting of 1 tree.

Afforestation, of course, absorbs greenhouse gases, protects wildlife and promotes biodiversity and soil fertility and prevents erosion but also provides an income for the local economy planting both productive and natural trees. Ecosia publishes financial reports and tree planting receipts every month so they can be trusted in pursuing their mission. Furthermore, they have a YouTube channel where the success of their projects can be seen.

If Ecosia were to be implemented across the University IT system this would have a profound positive environmental impact. It would also further enhance Leeds University's environmental values which play an important role for LUU and many UoL students.

Expires: November 2021 (20th)

Submitted By: Hugh Kendall

Officer: Union Affairs / Education

Area of Work: University Services


February 2020: It's a win! The University began the process of rolling out Ecosia across student IT clusters, and moving forwards will do the same for staff networks as well where possible. You can read more here on the University website, and here on the LUU website. You can make Ecosia your default search engine here.

January 2020: Minerva issues and updates are IT focus currently, but idea proposers, PET and LUU IT continuing to look for a response.

December 2019: It looks like Ecosia hasn't been rolled out across campus as promised, idea proposers, PET and LUU IT all trying to chase this up but struggling to get a response from University IT.

October 2019: Ecosia is now on University computers. If you're seeing that isn't the case, please contact

Feb 2019: Hugh and the other Ecosia team members met with IT staff from the University and LUU to discuss changing the default search engine of university computers to Ecosia. The University plans to work on implementing this policy over summer.