Students should be allowed to take part in lectures outside their course without being assessed, purely for an individuals' interest

Passed: May 2018 (1st)

What's It About?

For students to have access to lectures that are not part of their course without them counting towards your degree credits and hence not be assessed, nor show up on your diploma. This would require knowledge of what lectures are happening when and where. There could be some form to fill in online, if say a lecture is happening in a room which fits 400 people but there are only 330 people on the course, other students of the uni could sign in on a first come first serve basis to fill up the other seats. Of course students that are enrolled in the module would take priority.

Why Have You Proposed It?

How many times have you been in a half empty lecture hall? I, as I believe many others, came to a University to learn. Gaining knowledge is the key reason many people are in a University and there are so many modules one may be interested in than they are currently taking. However, it is very stressful to take extra credits on and be worried throughout the year of balancing your time. If there was a system in place where one could just learn without being assessed and hence without receiving recognition for it (on a diploma), it would be a nice option for students who have always wanted to learn more but were just too afraid, or unable in some other way, to balance all the extra modules.

Expires: May 2021 (1st)

Submitted By: Janis Pozemkovskis

Officer: Education

Area of Work: Academic


September 2019: No updates to below, and likely none until timetabling is moved to Outlook.

May 2019: New policy on moving timetables to Outlook might make displaying this information a lot easier. Currently though, students are able to attend lectures that aren't part of their course.

May 2018: Idea holder discussed policy with Student Led Change team and offered some clearer guidance for them to take to meetings:

  • Clear info e.g. on Minerva about being able to access timetables of all modules
  • Clear info on which lecturers are happy for students not enrolled on the module to attend lectures
  • Access to lecture capture for modules not enrolled on