LUU should ensure it supports RAG to continue its activity

Passed: April 2018 (30th)

What's It About?

The LUU Raising and Giving Society, is one of LUU’s oldest societies. It provides a number of benefits to the student populous that will be highlighted below, through it many various projects. It’s because of these projects RAG has received numerous accolades. RAG has increased its student participation by focusing more on donations to charity as opposed to keeping any leftover expenditure for the running of the society. RAG has previously been able to support the running of the society by employing a RAG coordinator who manages the multitude of accounts that holds tens of thousands of pounds each in the name of RAG each year. The RAG coordinator is also the interface between the union and all other RAG societies' in terms of arranging charitable ventures that reside in and outside the union. In previous years' RAG has been able to support this role as part of our fundraising budget. Subsequently because of the lack of funds, RAG has decided to discontinue its RAG coordinator position as RAG's total budget has depreciated this year because of extortionate insurance costs from the years before and the fact that RAG focuses more on giving the money to charity as opposed to keeping any internal budget.

The coordinator is a pivotal role for RAG as they fulfil all the responsibilities listed above and many more. The responsibilities will have to be taken on by the new president (student) or the committee which is an extreme amount to ask from a student(s), however if these don’t get fulfilled I fear it will lead to the demise of RAG. Since RAG provides so much for the Union, I am asking for the Union to support this society to allow for the Union and the wider Leeds University Community to keep reaping the benefits that this society provides. LUU RAG simply is too important of a society to be handled without administrative support. So, in summary I am asking that the Union supports the continuation of RAG as a staple factor of the Union.

Why Have You Proposed It?

I would like the Union to help ensure the continuation of LUU RAG society’s activity. The LUU RAG society is the face of student outreach and fundraising. It allows for students participate in a variety of extra curricular activities which demonstrates a range of useful industrial skills that would not be acquired from modules or course subjects all in the efforts of raising awareness and money for charities' worldwide. LUU RAG contributes to Leeds University's Public Profile as an ethical institution that focuses on making a difference to society, building relationships, and engaging with the wider community. LUU RAG acts as auxiliary support for other societies within the Union for their fundraising and awareness efforts. LUU RAG as a society has been able to amass a staggering fundraising total of £1.2 Million through the efforts of the students partaking in many different volunteering activities such as The Leeds RAG Fashion Show, Jailbreak, and the Endurance Challenges. LUU RAG is facing reduced capacity due to its financial challenges and I don’t want this to have a negative impact on the brilliant charity work it does. LUU RAG plans to bounce back from its depreciation and because of this we feel that it is of the utmost importance to have a staple support from the union and work to ensure this growth continues.

Expires: April 2021 (30th)

Submitted By: Nicholas Egunjobi

Officer: Activities

Area of Work: Support


April 2020: This is ongoing support. New RAG committee in place. No further updates planned.

January 2020: LUU Facilities supporting RAG to have a bit of a clear out of their office/storage

December 2019: RAG continue to be supported by the Activities Team.

March 2019: This is on the to-do list for the incoming Activities Manager.

October 2018: Activities Manager has been the main contact for the new RAG Committee over the course of the summer, and helping them along with their culture change. They know where to come for support. RAG Fashion Show will receive more bespoke support, new events team is helping with that for example.

June 2018: Lauren, Activities Officer, will be working closely with RAG and the Activities Team to make sure that RAG continue to receive support. There has been a slight restructure in Activities that should mean more tailored support for RAG, and other fundraising/volunteering groups.