LUU should incorporate regular Question Time style events into its annual calendar, starting September 2018

Passed: April 2018 (30th)

What's It About?

LUU should run regular Question Time style events and ensure these are protected within LUU’s annual calendar. Panellists should include, but not be limited to local and national politicians, University Staff, charity & business leaders, as well as LUU representatives.

Why Have You Proposed It?

  • As an organisation, LUU should promote both internal and external democratic engagement, encouraging students to have their voice heard and challenge their elected representatives at every level

  • Despite an increase at the General Election in 2017, youth turnout was still disproportionately low to older age groups – 57% of 18-19 year olds voted, compared to those aged 70+, which was 84% (YouGov, 2017). By engaging students with those who represent them and giving them the platform to directly challenge or agree, I would hope this would encourage people to use their vote in campus, local & national elections.

  • As a regular event, this would not only benefit our student body, but would also benefit the local community if it were to be promoted external to campus.

Expires: April 2021 (30th)

Submitted By: Chris Morris

Officer: Union Affairs

Area of Work: Democracy


January 2021: We have an upcoming Give & Take on Institutional Ethics on January 25th, using a new world-cafe style format to encourage really strong discussion on a difficult topic.

December 2020: Disability History Month saw the LibCos host a Give & Take on Disability in Academia.

August 2020: Some early planning work for Give & Take events in 2020/21 has taken place, with one potentially across Freshers/Welcome Week and another following soon after in Black History Month.

May 2020: Give & Takes are part of the Democracy Calendar for 2020/21, and included in the Political Engagement Team budgeting. Also exploring more ways in which we can run events digitally moving forwards (anticipating that campus will remain relatively closed off across 2020/21).

March 2020: As below, we had a Give & Take as part of LGBTQ* History Month, as well as for Working Class Awareness Week - we also saw the first use of Give & Take by another LUU team with one on cultural identity as part of World Unite Festival. Upcoming plans include a collaboration between the LibCos and Women Conversation for March 24th.

December 2019: A Give & Take is being planned as part of LGBTQ* History Month in February.

November 2019: The second Give & Take in November addressed 'Islamophobia in Academia' and was led by Safyan one of our LibCos, and future panels under discussion include 'Working Class at University', 'Social Model of Disability' and more. We also used the Give & Take name for our most recent Vice Chancellor Question Time.

October 2019: The first Give & Take of the year takes place on 9th October as part of Black History Month and focuses on 'Black & QTIPOC'.

May 2019: This month sees two Give & Take events - 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Disability & Academia'. The Give & Take series will return in the 2019/20 academic year.

February 2019: We hosted our second student-led Give & Take as part of LGBTQ+ History Month, with a theme of 'Decolonising Gender & Sexuality', which was attended by over 200 students.

October 2018: The first Give & Take is happening this month as part of LUU's Black History Month celebrations - centred on 'Mobilising the Black Vote'

July 2018: Question Time Events are officially part of LUU's calendar, with three over the year (one each term). The first is due to take place on Tuesday 16th October in Pyramid Theatre. Chris, the Union Affairs Officer, will be working over the summer with the Student Led Change team and Marketing to book a panel, and come up with a better name than 'Question Time Event'!