LUU should continue their 'No Platform' policy to exclude hate speakers and fascists from our Union

Passed: November 2018 (19th)

What's It About?/Why do you want it?

LUU should not allow speakers who are members of hate groups and fascist groups to speak on campus. They should have no platform within our building to air their views or promote their messages on any physical or virtual space the Union controls. This includes, but is not limited to: debates, society events, rallies and public meetings. No student should ever feel intimidated or threatened by anyone whilst in our building.

LUU should close down societies found to be acting as a proxy for proscribed organizations to include the following organizations in the No Platform policy: British National Party, British People's Party, British Democratic Party, National Front, English, Scottish and Welsh Defence Leagues, English Democrats, National Action, Britain First. This list may be added to at future forums.

For these to be added and be subject to the same screening process as outlined in our hate-speech guidelines. To promote a strict No Platform Policy but one that does not affect the freedom of media societies to report objectively on racism and fascism.

Freedom of speech is an important value within LUU however we are a member based organisation. Groups such as the BNP and EDL actively target vulnerable members of our Union and create an atmosphere of fear and intimidation in their actions and words. They are not interested in holding rational or reasoned debate, merely the spread of their fascist and racist ideals. For the safety of our members and to continue in our cause as an anti-fascist organisation we should ban any of the above organisations from having a platform in our Union.

Expires: November 2021 (19th)

Submitted By: Matt Port (On Behalf of Student Exec)

Officer: Union Affairs / Activities

Area of Work: Freedom of Speech


April 2020: External Speaker Process is being reviewed to see if we can make it more accessible and open for Clubs & Societies. No Platform will still form part of that process.

November 2018: This policy was renewed, and will remain part of LUU's External Speaker process. If you feel that any speakers/groups should be added to the list get in touch with

February 2016: This was a re-submission of existing policy, and LUU continued to adopt a 'No Platform' stance as part of its external speaker process. Union Affairs Officer Toke Dahler was on Newsnight a few months prior to debate the policy.