LUU should limit the use of paper used in the Leadership Race candidates’ campaigns

Passed: March 2018 (12th)

What's It About?

I want Leadership Race candidates to be encouraged and supported by LUU to use less paper in their campaigns.

Why Have You Proposed It?

Every year candidates print hundreds of posters for their Leadership Race campaigns and it has a massive environmental impact. Some years ago, Community Officer candidates agreed to an unwritten 'paperless campaigning' rule, where they don't print any materials for their campaigns. It means no one is at a disadvantage and candidates are made to be a bit more creative with their campaigning, instead of just plastering the walls of campus with reams of paper. It's worked well for the Community category, but I want more to be done to encourage and support candidates in other categories to do the same.

Expires: March 2021 (12th)

Submitted By: George Bissett

Officer: Union Affairs / Community

Area of Work: Sustainability


January 2021: LeadLUU 2021 will be entirely online, and we're focussing our candidate training on digital engagement. This form of training is something we would look to continue in future years to equip candidates to campaign in ways that don't require paper/printing.

October 2020: LeadLUU working groups are starting to get arranged - with the presumption that we will be looking at a wholly digital LeadLUU. This should allow us to almost totally eliminate paper and think of creative ways for LUU and candidates to campaign and engage with members.

August 2020: Izzy and Lotti, Union Affairs and Community Officers, have been speaking to the Political Engagement Team about this, and it's a key part of the planning for LeadLUU 2021. Initial discussions are around better support and training for candidates around digital engagement, increased provision of re/upcycled campaigning materials and potentially a cap on printing spend.

April 2020: This formed part of the reporting once again for LeadLUU 2020, discussing greater focus on digital methods of engagement and campaigning both for LUU and candidates.

March 2020: For LeadLUU, internally we increased our usage of the digital screens around LUU and on campus. We provided candidates with recycled cardboard, paper, paints, cloth and other crafting materials and encouraged creative methods of campaigning.

November 2019: Number of digital resources being increased again (as well as online training modules for candidates), and we'll be providing materials for candidates as we have done in previous years. If candidates are printing, we will encourage them to use recycled paper (used in LUU and as an option at most University printers).

October 2019: First planning groups for Lead LUU 2020 taking place at the end of this month, this is part of the discussion around Candidate Development.

May 2019: This is on the recommendations for Lead LUU 2020

February 2019: Candidates received more digital campaign training, advice on how to think outside the box for their campaigns as well as continuation of the provision of upcycled materials and banner making materials too.

June 2018: The 2018 Leadership Race saw all candidates given recycled cardboard, t-shirts and bedding material to help them cut down on paper usage, and this will continue next year. The Student Led Change team will be working closely with the Exec in planning for the 2019 LR to try and cut down even more on paper usage - including discussing rule amendments stipulating a maximum spend on paper/printing.