LUU should provide warm halal and kosher food as an option in the Union’s catering services

Passed: March 2018 (12th)

What's It About?

I want Halal chicken to be available as an option in terrace and old bar.

Why Have You Proposed It?

So that the Union can cater for more students - inclusivity.

Expires: March 2021 (12th)

Submitted By: Roshana Shahid

Officer: Union Affairs / Equality & Diversity / International

Area of Work: Food & Drink


August 2020: New Union Affairs Officer Izzy to chat to ISoc and JSoc to see if there are any remaining concerns or queries in this area.

January 2020: Old Bar menus updated with Halal info.

September 2019: The policy also asks that we have Halal chicken on the menu in Terrace and Old Bar, this is now in place and noted on the menus as Halal. We've also been working really hard on increasing the amount of vegan and vegetarian choices offered, these are also popular with Halal customers.

May 2019: There's a new Kosher Menu in Common Ground!

February 2019: Chris, Union Affairs Officer, had a positive meeting with the campus Rabbi and JSoc members. A kosher supplier in Manchester has been identified, and the aim is to launch kosher food in Common Ground in early March.

April 2018: Student Led Change team met with JSoc to get some more clarification and guidance on the proposal. Ideal situation would be to have a kosher outlet (like Humpit etc.) and/or take steps necessary to make Humpit kosher. There was also discussion about whether LUU could look to subsidize Hillel meals and/or have pre-packaged kosher meals available in LUU outlets (potentially from a supplier called Hermolis)

March 2018: Student Led Change met with Retail to discuss- we need a clearer idea of what the proposer means by halal/ kosher options (e.g. is if sufficient for the ingredients to be halal/ kosher, do they need to be prepared in halal/ kosher environments?) Retail explained that due to the constraints of physical space it could be difficult to ensure a kosher environment in particular.