LUU should put aside emergency funding for Clubs and Societies

Passed: November 2018 (19th)

What do you want/Why do you want it?

Sometimes funding may be highly time critical or be required for unusual things. In this case there should a fund that allows all societies to gain the money they need to support their members with less restrictive criteria than LUU grant. The application for this should include a focus on the sustainability of the club in order to minimise future applications to the fund.

Expires: November 2021 (19th)

Submitted By: Jonny Kershaw

Officer: Activities

Area of Work: Societies


December 2019: No updates to below, emergency funding exists as outlined in policy.

August 2019: Sports Societies have all had their funding allocations. They get 75% up front, and the rest in February (depending on how they're spending). Development plan is attached to their work as well to encourage them to think about longer term goals for the society.

May 2019: Emergency Funds exist for clubs and societies to access if something goes drastically wrong.