LUU should put pressure on Unipol and letting agents to increase transparency around Unipol Code properties

Passed: November 2018 (22nd)

What do you want/Why do you want it?

For Unipol to be more transparent, actively making students aware if a house is Unipol accredited or not.

When I was looking at a Unipol flyer it stated that letting agents that are separate from them only have to have 25% of their houses have to adhering to the Unipol code as a minimum. Students have to ask whether the house that they are viewing is approved and most students don’t know that you have to ask, which is very misleading. I think that it should be a requirement that students are told by the estate agent or a certificate should be displayed.

Expires: November 2021 (22nd)

Submitted By: Sophia Spooner

Officer: Community

Area of Work: Housing


July 2019: No further updates, there's no more we can do - Unipol have been proactive in chasing landlords.

June 2019: Unipol have suggested that only four of their accredited landlords aren't 100% (in terms of numbers of properties that are Unipol certified), but this is an area they're looking into as well. Unipol are doing work over the summer to remind their landlords of the need for them to be clear about which of their properties are accredited (whilst working with them to get to 100%). Doing secret shopper style check ins after summer too.

May 2019: Unipol code review is coming up, Community Officer will highlight this as part of that work.