Unipol should mandate Unipol Code Landlords to provide a working burglar alarm in their properties

Passed: May 2018 (3rd)

What's It About?

All Unipol Code Properties should have a burglar alarm. This should be made a requirement in the Unipol Code.

Why Have You Proposed It?

It's no secret that burglary in Leeds' student areas is one of the biggest issues students face in the private rented sector, meaning many students feel unsafe where they live. When it comes to prevention, West Yorkshire Police's advice is to take a tiered approach: every preventative measure you take in combination with each other decreases the chance that you will be a victim of burglary.

Some measures can be taken by anyone: closing all windows and leaving a light on when you go out; locking your doors properly; not telling a stranger that the house is empty. But certain things are dependant on the landlord. If the landlord hasn't installed a burglar alarm, the tenant doesn't have the option to set one, putting their house at more risk than someone else's who has an alarm. It is unacceptable that Unipol do not mandate their landlords, who are meant to be the best in Leeds, to offer students this simple but effective safety measure.

With student safety being such the issue that it is, LUU should pressure Unipol to introduce a clause to the Code that puts working burglar alarms in every Unipol Code property in Leeds. This might then have the knock on effect of encouraging non-code landlords to install alarms in their properties to compete with the market.

Expires: May 2021 (3rd)

Submitted By: George Bissett

Officer: Community

Area of Work: Housing


June 2018: George, Community Officer, meets regularly with Unipol and landlords, in May George attended Unipol board meeting and put forward the case for burglar alarms to be included in the Unipol Code. By June 2018 it was all signed off by the Unipol board - it's in the code! No further updates.