LUU should lobby the council to make the city's roads more pedestrian and cyclist friendly

Passed: November 2018 (22nd)

What do you want/Why do you want it?

LUU should lobby the Council to improve the city’s roads to make them safer for cyclists. This could include building or widening cycle lanes, starting a bike-share scheme, pedestrianising parts of the city or improving signalling at busy, dangerous junctions.

Over time, Leeds transport has focused on car based facilities, with a transport system mainly based around private-hire taxis. This poses many problems for the city’s roads, with congestion one of the biggest. Compared to similar sized cities around the world, Leeds has a poor public transport network and is is the largest city in Europe without a major transit system such as underground rail or trams. With only a bus service (which is affected by road congestion) to rely on, cycling or walking is the only other option.

Whilst some work has been done to improve roads in leeds for cyclists, there is still much to be done to improve safety on Leeds’ roads. With the city’s busy roads and dangerous wide junctions it can be quite off putting to inexperienced cyclists, which encourages people to drive or take a taxi having a negative effect on air pollution and health.

Lobbying the Council will help make Leeds a safer place for cyclists, reduce air pollution and have a positive impact on health & wellbeing.

Expires: November 2021 (22nd)

Submitted By: Chris Morris

Officer: Community

Area of Work: Transport


July 2020: Work continues in Leeds city centre to pedestrianise areas like North Street, as well as the changes to bus routes along the Headrow and the completed pedestrianisation of Greek Street. Impact of Covid may actually see an increase in pedestrianised/outdoor seating areas and more focus on cycle lanes too.

September 2019: No major updates to below, work has started on The Headrow to pedestrianise and add in protected bike routes, North Street is soon to be pedestrianised and the long term plan for Leeds Train Station is to pedestrianise the entire North entrance and road round to the new Channel 4 headquarters.

April 2019: The council's wider plans for 'Connecting Leeds' can be seen here and they regularly ask for input from Leeds' residents (including students).

November 2018: Leeds City Council is approaching this issue proactively - you can read their Cycling Strategy (launched in 2017) here.