LUU should put pressure on Unipol to improve housing for students

Passed: November 2018 (22nd)

What do you want/Why do you want it?

Unipol should include suitable locks and sufficient fridge, freezer, and bin space as standard in the Unipol code.

I am part of the Leeds Community project , I spoke with West Yorkshire police and they told me that most houses don’t have good enough locks as some stick out and can be easily snapped. I propose that Unipol should ensure that all student houses have 3* Euro-cylinder locks as in 40% of these offences a burglar can’t gain access in to the house. It is cheaper to replace a lock than a door and door frame. Unipol are wanting to implement this on their houses but need more pressure to enforce this.

Secondly I would like to enforce more requirements for houses with a large number of tenants. This currently exists in the Unipol code for bathrooms but I would like to extend this for fridges, freezers and bins. Currently from looking around my friends’ houses I have noticed there is not enough fridge or freezer space, for example my friend is in a six person house and she only has one fridge and freezer and there is very limited space. Also tenants in 5+ houses are allowed to have 2 black and 2 green bins however tenants in some cases don’t know which bin theirs is or their landlord won’t give them one.

Expires: November 2021 (22nd)

Submitted By: Sophia Spooner

Officer: Community

Area of Work: Housing


April 2021: Lotti and Franks (International Officer) have worked with Leeds Beckett Officers to develop proposed changes to the Unipol code around removing UK Guarantors, limiting rent, improving study space provision and increasing flexibility in student rental contracts. They have proposed these changes to the Unipol Code Review which is currently taking place.

August 2020: Lotti, Community Officer, is part of a new Housing Revolution Group that in part is looking to pull together several policies related to housing and landlords. This is going to be a key part of her work for the year ahead, and something that she will work with the new Community Reps on. Welfare and International Officers are also in this group.

June 2020: Unfortunately there are no major updates to this work over the summer as a result of lots of LUU staff being furloughed (ongoing), as well as the LUU building and campus being closed. As staff return to work and the new Officer team settle into their roles this will be picked up again. Housing is a priority for Lotti, your new Community Officer, and our Landlord Forums will return in the new academic year.

January 2020:The best avenue remains Unipol code and review of code. It's meant to go above and beyond council expectations, so that's where we will push.

October 2019: No updates to below, next steps can't be taken until the code review in 2020.

June 2019: Euro-Cylinder locks are in the code, and if Unipol see a lock that isn't up to code, it will be replaced by one that is. In regards to Fridge space, the council advisory standards are really small, and talk about storage space for food (which includes not only the fridge and freezer but cupboards and shelves too). However, Sophia's recommendations will be included in the 2020/21 code review as Unipol are keen to take a stronger stance on this. The bins issue is being taken to the Unipol working group for further discussion, as Unipol agree, but unfortunately that's a conversation with the council/landlord rather than a Unipol code concern.

May 2019: Unipol code review is coming up, Community Officer will highlight this as part of that work.